Inspirational Speakers

Tune in to our radio for inspirational speakers from all ropes of life! Empower your mind and body.

Unsigned Music

Listen to music from unsigned talent - be the first to hear the latest church bands and choirs.

Latest News

Tune in for the latest news within the community. Help out of neighbours and stay humble.

We operate in and around the Los Angeles area via HAM radio in order to give you a place to discuss, enjoy and relax listening to the voices of the community. We have shows from unsigned bands and choirs as well as comedy, inspirational talkers, lecturers and more! If you feel you can offer the radio something then you can tune in directly from your house - you will need to use a radio scanner in order to tune in. I found mine by a quick Google search for the best police scanner - William provides very detailed and honest reviews for radio scanners which makes the buying process so much easier and potentially saves money. These scanners are useful as they are able to pick up HAM radio frequencies we operate on very easily and you can also connect speakers to these scanners to enhance the volume.

If you need a help in hand to get setup then feel free to contact me (Larry) via the contact us page.

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